Amar Singh Chamkila - The Best Film of Imtiaz Ali & Diljit Dosanjh Genuine Insights

Amar Singh Chamkila – Diljit’s Best Film Ever!

Directed by: Imtiaz Ali Star cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Parineeti Chopra Dear Diary, Thanks to the digital world, we’re privileged to learn about many celebrities, one of whom was Amar Singh Chamkila. Honestly, I did not know of him, nor had I ever heard his name before. However, this film streaming on Netflix took me on […]

12th Fail Movie - Life Lessons We All Should Incorporate in Life My Favourite

Life Lessons I Learned from “12th Fail” Movie

Dear Diary, Sometimes, we judge movies solely based on their star cast and posters. I’ll admit, after watching “Mumbaikar,” I had my doubts about Vikrant Massey’s film choices. However, I now find myself feeling utterly guilty for not trusting this incredible actor. In fact, it inspired me to write a thoughtful piece about his outstanding […]

Filmy 2024 - The Kind of Movie Themes I am Manifesting This Year! My Favourite

Filmy 2024: The Kind of Hindi Movies I am Manifesting

Dear Dairy, 2023 was indeed a remarkable year with some fantastic Hindi film releases, and I’m eagerly manifesting an even more exciting and filmy 2024. However, I’m not looking forward to the same old boring plots, poorly written stories, lackluster character development, mundane music, and the like. What I’m yearning for is a specific type […]

Best Women-centric Films in Bollywood - Interesting Binge-Watch My Favourite

Best Women-Centric Films in Bollywood You Need to Watch ASAP!

Dear Diary, The Hindi film industry, affectionately known as Bollywood, has long been a landscape largely steered by male protagonists. However, recent years have seen a remarkable shift. A burgeoning wave of best women-centric films in Bollywood is reshaping the narrative, positioning women not just as central figures but as powerful storytellers in their own […]

Is Tamasha a Good Movie - Let's Unriddle The Confusion My Favourite

Why Is Tamasha a Good Movie?

Dear Diary, Today, as the day drew to a close, I was confused about my life’s direction. In this moment of uncertainty, I strongly connected to Ved’s character (played by Ranbir Kapoor) in the film ‘Tamasha.’ This movie, which I turn to whenever I feel down, resonates deeply with me. When people ask me if […]

Rainbow Rishta - A Tale of Love Beyond Boundaries Genuine Insights

Rainbow Rishta: Love Conquers All!

Directed by: Shubhra Chatterji, Hridaye A. Nagpal, Jaydeep Sarkar Star Cast: Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju, Ayushmaan Aishwarya, Daniella Mendonca, Soham Sengupta, Sanam Choudhury, Sadam Hanjabam, Aneez Saikia and others. Dear Dairy, Finding true love in the modern dating world is extremely difficult. This challenge intensifies if you are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community due to […]