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Best Women-Centric Films in Bollywood You Need to Watch ASAP!

Best Women-centric Films in Bollywood - Interesting Binge-Watch

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The Hindi film industry, affectionately known as Bollywood, has long been a landscape largely steered by male protagonists. However, recent years have seen a remarkable shift. A burgeoning wave of best women-centric films in Bollywood is reshaping the narrative, positioning women not just as central figures but as powerful storytellers in their own right.

Gone are the days when female roles were confined to mere “glam dolls.” Today, these films are celebrated for their empowering and thought-provoking content. Let’s take a moment to applaud some of the most influential women-centric films in Bollywood that have left an enduring impression on audiences and the industry alike.

Which Are the Best Women Centric Films in Bollywood?

Let’s explore –

Shakuntala Devi

The resurgence of best women-centric films in Bollywood gained prominence with Vidya Balan’s groundbreaking performance in “The Dirty Picture.”

Her many remarkable portrayals further solidified this trend, and “Shakuntala Devi” is one of them. It is a film about the legendary Indian mathematician known for her extraordinary mental calculation skills.

Balan’s depiction of Shakuntala Devi, a woman who was incredibly progressive for her time, was nothing short of brilliant. It’s hard to imagine any other actor embodying this role with the same finesse and depth as Vidya Balan. Her performance not only captivated audiences but also set a high bar for female-led narratives in Indian cinema.

Gangubai Kathiawadi

Alia Bhatt has consistently showcased her exceptional acting prowess through various blockbuster hits like “Highway.” But it was Gnagubai Kathiwadi that earned her the prestigious National Award for Best Actress.

She has continuously elevated her craft, a testament to her dedication and talent. This is vividly evident in the grandeur and depth of her recent performance in this quintessential Sanjay Leela Bhansali film.

In this movie, Alia’s meticulous attention to accent, body language, and overall presence is striking and impossible to overlook. Her portrayal not only captivates the audience but also cements her status as one of the most versatile and skilled actresses in contemporary Bollywood cinema.


Kriti Sanon truly emerges as a revelation in this film. While I’ve always appreciated her acting talent, her choice of roles in the past left me somewhat underwhelmed.

However, with this particular film, her decision proved to be remarkably rewarding. Wondering why? Alongside Alia Bhatt, Kriti too garnered a National Award for her exceptional performance in “Mimi.”

This accolade is a testament to her deserved recognition in the industry. Her portrayal in the film is not just excellent in terms of acting; she masterfully captures every subtle nuance of a girl from Rajasthan, bringing authenticity and depth to her character.

Kriti Sanon’s performance in this role is a standout, proving she is a force to be reckoned with in Bollywood.


“Darlings” stands out not just for its compelling narrative but also for the exceptional portrayal of not one but two female leads. In the realm of best women-centric films in Bollywood, this movie is undeniably noteworthy.

My admiration for it extends beyond the star power of Alia Bhatt; it’s the film’s premise and execution that truly captivated me.

While Alia delivers a remarkable performance, it was Shefali Shah who truly captured my attention. Ever since her performance in “Dil Dhadakne Do,” I’ve been an admirer of her work, but her role in “Darlings” has exponentially increased my appreciation.

Shefali’s nuanced portrayal adds depth to the film, making it a standout in the genre of powerful narratives led by women in Indian cinema.


When I first saw Tara Sutaria in “Student of the Year 2,” I initially thought she might be another actress emerging from the glamorous yet often stereotyped school of Karan Johar. However, I was reminded of Alia Bhatt, who followed a similar path but has since carved out a remarkable niche for herself.

This realization made me reconsider: sometimes, all it takes is the right opportunity at the right moment. This was precisely the case for Tara in “Apurva,” where she delivered an exceptional performance.

In this film, she wasn’t just a part of the story; she was its backbone. Her portrayal outshines every other character, showcasing her undeniable talent.

Tara’s captivating presence and skillful acting throughout “Apurva” are not just commendable but a must-watch, proving that she is much more than a product of a certain cinematic background – she is a formidable actress in her own right!


Cops are traditionally tasked with diffusing crime and apprehending culprits. However, in Kathal – a satirical comedy, the storyline takes an amusingly unconventional turn.

Instead of chasing down typical criminals, the plot revolves around the quest to find two exotic-breed jackfruits and the culprits behind their disappearance. Entrusted with this unusual mission is the character Mahima Basor, portrayed brilliantly by Sanya Malhotra.

In this role, Sanya delivers an outstanding performance that is both captivating and hilarious. Her portrayal of Mahima’s frustration and determination to uncover the truth behind the missing jackfruits is a delight to watch.

Amidst the comedic twists and turns, Sanya’s acting prowess shines through, offering a performance that is not just entertaining but also a testament to her versatility as an actress. This film, with its unique premise and Sanya’s remarkable performance, is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a good blend of comedy and intrigue.


When discussing the best women-centric films in Bollywood, it’s impossible not to mention a film directed by Meghna Gulzar, one of the industry’s finest storytellers.

Her prowess in crafting intricate female characters is evident in movies like “Raazi” and the earlier film “Filhaal.” In “Chhapaak,” she beautifully weaves the poignant story of acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal, portrayed by Deepika Padukone.

Deepika’s portrayal is nothing short of compelling. She captures the innocence and strong willpower of Laxmi with a depth that is both authentic and moving. Her performance is a testament to her exceptional acting skills, as she brings the character’s journey to life with grace and sincerity.

While “Chhapaak” is outstanding in its narrative and performances, it does have moments where the pacing slows down, slightly diminishing its overall impact. Nevertheless, the film succeeds in beautifully narrating the struggles and triumphs of acid attack survivors, making it a significant and heartfelt contribution to women-centric cinema in Bollywood.


“Pagglait,” translating to ‘mad’ or ‘crazy,’ is another film featuring Sanya Malhotra that undoubtedly deserves mention on this list of best women-centric films in Bollywood. This intriguing story unfolds the life of a young woman who finds herself widowed just five months into her marriage.

Intriguingly, she discovers an absence of grief or emotional connection to her late husband, leading her into an unexpected journey of self-discovery.

The crux of “Pagglait” lies in how she navigates this complex situation, making it a compelling watch. Sanya Malhotra, in her role, truly shines. Her portrayal is effortlessly genuine, bringing a natural ease and depth to her character that’s both relatable and captivating.

Watching her in this movie is an absolute delight; she brings a refreshing authenticity that makes her character’s journey all the more engaging.


Concluding my list of top women-centric Bollywood films is the remarkable “Lost,” featuring the talented Yami Gautam. Watching Yami on screen is always a delight.

Her evolution from being recognized primarily as the “fair and lovely” girl to an actress capable of single-handedly anchoring a film is nothing short of impressive. “Lost” is particularly noteworthy, not just for its compelling narrative but for Yami’s extraordinary portrayal.

The sincerity and dedication she brings to every scene are truly commendable. Yami consistently immerses herself fully in every character she plays, and her performance in “Lost” is a testament to her passion and skill as an actress. 

Over to you…

I’ve curated a list of my personal favorite and best women-centric Bollywood films. However, I’ve chosen not to include widely recognized masterpieces such as “Piku,” “The Dirty Picture,” and “Mary Kom,” as they have already been extensively covered.

Instead, I’ve focused on some of the more recent films that have resonated with me. While I’m aware that many more deserving films didn’t make this list, rest assured, I plan to create another compilation featuring these remaining gems soon. Stay tuned for more!

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