Pride Month: Don’t Miss Some of The Best LGBTQ Movies and Web Series

Best LGBTQ Movies and Web Series To Watch This Pride Month

Dear Diary,

Gone are the days when Hindi Film Industry would make fun of gay characters. Boys were always portrayed wearing pink or walking like girls. But times have changed. We as a society are progressing, and that can be witnessed by the kind of LGBTQ movies and web series that are being made.

I know we live in a very conservative society, where the LGBTQ community is still tagged as “abnormal,” but I don’t think it is so! I have so many friends who belong to this community, and I am very proud of them. Interestingly, June month is commemorated as PRIDE MONTH. So, I thought, why not list some of the best LGBTQ movies and web series I adore?

I believe movies are the best medium for experiencing life. Most importantly, the representation of LGBTQ characters and stories in movies and web series has significantly improved over the years.

Undoubtedly, both Hindi and English entertainment industries have produced remarkable content that highlights diverse experiences within the LGBTQ community. Believe me, these stories that I am listing are filled with love, struggle, triumph, and self-discovery and offer insightful perspectives. So, let’s get going.

Best LGBTQ Movies and Web Series to Add to Your Watchlist

Let’s explore –

1.      Gulmohar

This movie has to be first on my list. A yesteryear actress Sharmila Tagore portraying the role of a queer woman is a must-watch. Her effortless acting and her expressions are priceless. Not just her but Manoj Bajpayee, Simran, and other actors have done an outstanding job.

2.      The Imitation Game

This film features my favorite actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. The movie is a real-life story about cryptanalyst Alan Turing, who was a homosexual. According to Wikipedia, he is widely considered the father of theoretical computer science. However, his sexuality was the reason behind his death. And I am sure this movie will bring tears to your eyes.

3.      Rainbow Rishta

My most favourite web series of all time is Rainbow Rishta. It is a docu-series with real-life characters, and you have to watch this series. I am sure it will melt your heart. You can also read my detailed review right here.

4.      Brokeback Mountain

Many friends had recommended this movie, but I don’t know I missed watching it. Finally, when I did, it left me numb. First, there’s Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal—both stellar actors. Besides, they are supported by Michelle Williams and Anne Hathway, who have done a stupendous job.

The movie narrates the story of Elio and Oliver’s passionate summer romance in the Italian countryside. Believe me, the film beautifully captures the complexities of first love and self-discovery. BTW have a box of tissues by your side. I am pretty sure you are going to need that watching this emotionally touching movie.

5.      Aligarh

You must start with Aligarh if you haven’t watched Manoj Bajpayee’s films. There is something about real-life stories. And if Hansal Mehta directs them, they have to be outstanding. Well, coming back to Aligarh, it is based on the true story of a professor at Aligarh Muslim University – Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras.

He was suspended because of his sexual orientation. Thus, it unravels discrimination and the right to privacy. Every scene will give you goosebumps for sure.

6.      Murder In Mahim

I assure you, this is one of the best web series on the list. The web series chronicles a murder investigation in Mumbai. It also highlights the lives of LGBTQ characters and the way they lead their lives amidst societal prejudice and maintain secrecy.

The series promises to be a gripping crime thriller with significant LGBTQ representation. It is a must-watch, especially one scene where the parents accept the child’s sexuality with an open heart. Trust me, it will bring tears to your eyes.

7.      Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

After Neerja, this is one Sonam Kapoor film that I totally like. The film, directed by Shelly Chopra Dhar, tells the story of Sweety, a young woman who struggles to come out to her conservative family.

Sonam Kapoor in her non-glamorous avatar is a treat for the eyes, but her acting deserves all the applause. Believe me, I did not expect much from her, but she surpassed my expectations. This is one of the best films of her career!

8.      Boys Don’t Cry

When I think of this film, I realize how cruel the world is. We blame the developing countries as conventional, but no – the LGBTQ community had a hard time in a developed nation, too!

Directed by Kimberly Peirce, this biographical film tells the story of Brandon Teena, an American transgender man who falls victim to a brutal hate crime. Hilary Swank as Brandon Teena has given a powerful performance. No doubt she earned an Academy Award for her role.

9.      Dear Dad

What if one fine day, you wake up, and your dad informs you that he is Gay? Shocking, right? That’s exactly the theme of Arvind Swamy’s Dear Dad. I fell in love with him after watching Roja and Bombay. But all that adoration just multiplied with this film. The film is about introspection, revelation, and a beautiful father-son bond.

10.  Badhaai Do

When Rajkummar Rao is in the lead, I doubt the movie will ever tank. I mean, he has had his share of bad films, but this film is superb. Both Rajkummar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar represent the LGBTQ community, but for the world, they are a heterosexual couple. They both are in relationships with other people, but what happens when their family finds out? For that, you must watch the film.

11.  Kapoor and Sons

The list of best LGBTQ movies and web series is incomplete if I fail to mention this film. A child is the apple of the eye of his parents until he follows their dreams and passion. However, once his identity of being gay is revealed, he becomes the villain of the family.

That’s how we are conditioned, as per the rules of society. Kapoor and Sons follows the story of a dysfunctional family. The story of Rahul Kapoor (Fawad Khan) narrates the plight of the LGBTQ community – especially the struggle to win acceptance of the family.  

12.  Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui

There are many films and web series that highlight same-sex couples. But very few talk about transgender people, and one of them is Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui. The film revolves around Manu (Ayushmann Khurrana), who runs a gym but fails to attract clients.

However, one day, he employs Zumba instructor Maanvi (Vaani Kapoor), and the tables turn. However, Maanvi is a transwoman, and when Manu knows the truth – what he does is something you must watch yourself.

On a Parting Note…

This was my list of the best LGBTQ movies and web series. Well, I must have missed many of the films and web series. But I would like to hear your recommendations. Comment below on the movies I must add to my watchlist, and I promise I will watch them. Till then, happy binging.

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