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Panchayat Series – Valuable Life Lessons To Learn From The Series!

Panchayat Series - Valuable Life Lessons To Learn From The Series!

Dear Diary,

The third season of the Panchayat series is out on Amazon Prime, and the fun rollercoaster ride is on. The series that made me laugh and cry at times is back. I watched the third season in just two days.

TVF (The Viral Fever) has yet again done an outstanding job with this series, which follows the journey of Abhishek Tripathi, who was once reluctant to come to this small village but, with time, becomes an integral part of it.

I want to mention that I started watching the third season again with my sister because I simply couldn’t get over this series. It is so good. However, I realized that the narrative is full of life lessons.

Well, well, I am going to share them all with you right here, right now!

Valuable Life Lessons I Learnt from the Panchayat Series

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Embrace new experiences with an open mind

Abhishek initially struggles with his placement in Phulera. Obviously, he is an urban lad and has left behind a lot of comforts. However, as he begins to adapt, he realizes that embracing new experiences can lead to personal growth.

Thus, the Panchayat series teaches us to step out of our comfort zones and see the world through different lenses. Be open to unfamiliar adventures. Show a willingness to embrace change, as this change can lead to unexpected opportunities and a deeper understanding of life.

Unity is the best policy

Be it any problem, the entire team—from Sachiv ji (Jitendra Kumar), Vikas (Chandan Roy) to Pradhan ji (Neena Gupta—Raghubir Yadav) and Prahladcha (Faisal Malik)—tackles the problems together. If anyone goes wrong, they mend ways, make the person realize their mistake, but eventually all come together. Even the Vidhayak (Pankaj Jha) couldn’t break this unity.

In a world that often feels fragmented, the series underscores the value of being connected and supportive of those around us.

There is no option other than being resilient

Abhishek, aka Sachiv ji’s journey, is undoubtedly one of resilience and perseverance. Throughout the series, he has faced immense problems, from adjusting to rural life to dealing with bureaucratic hurdles.

Yet he learns to navigate and overcome obstacles. Thus, the Panchayat series teaches us the value of resilience, highlighting that persistence and determination can help us overcome even the most daunting challenges.

Not only Abhishek but also the cute amma (Abha Sharma) teaches us to be resilient if we wish to achieve our dreams.  

Finding joy in simple things

I personally loved the simplicity of Phulera. Undoubtedly, there is a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life. I can relate to this because visiting my native place during summer vacation was a constant affair. Life in the rural areas is mind-boggling yet calming.

The villagers find joy in simple pleasures; their contentment is a powerful lesson in appreciating what we have. Thus, this series encourages viewers to find happiness in the small things and recognize that contentment often comes from within rather than from material possessions or external achievements.

The people of Phulera have no cars, lavish houses, or swanky phones, but they are happy. They are content with their simple lives.

Caring for the well-being of others

Though the members have their occasional tiffs and disagreements, they never stop caring for each other. For instance, Prahladcha lost his son, and everyone knows how addicted he is to alcohol.

So, Vikas and Pradhanji take it upon themselves to help him deal with this crisis. They cook for him, and Vikas even mends his khaat (bed) because he cares for him. Besides, the entire village sympathizes with him and takes care of him.

The importance of humor

One of the standout features of Panchayat series is its light-hearted humor. The series uses wit and comedy to tackle serious issues, making them more relatable and less overwhelming. At times, when I heard the silly jokes and saw the secret laughter shared by the characters, it instantly brought a big smile to my face.

I think that’s what the series is aiming for. You should always keep smiling no matter what. A sense of humor can be a powerful coping mechanism.

Empathy and understanding

Throughout the series, Abhishek learns to empathize with the villagers and understand their perspectives and problems. For example, when Ammaji desperately wants a pakka (cement) house, he first gets angry but understands her perspective and shows her how to deal with it.

Due to his empathetic nature, he fosters mutual respect and collaboration. Panchayat series emphasizes the importance of understanding others’ viewpoints and the need for empathy in building strong, harmonious relationships. It reminds us that compassion and patience can bridge divides and create more inclusive communities.

Is shelter necessary than your loved ones?

As mentioned above, Ammaji desperately wants pakka house, and for that, she pretends to be alienated from her family. She desperately convinces Abhishek to give her house under the Prime Minister’s housing scheme.

Amidst this, she falls ill, but she is determined not to seek help from her son because she wants to show how lonely she is—to have the Pakka house.

But later in the series, you must see how Prahlad changes her viewpoint. I want you to witness it because my words cannot suffice to convey the emotions.  

You must never believe hearsay

Bhushan (played by the super talented Durgesh Kumar) and his wife Kranti Devi Sharma (Sunita Rajwar), along with his sidekicks Binod (Ashok Pathak) and Madhav (Bulloo Kumar), continue praising the MLA Chandrakishore Singh to ensure he helps them in the Panchayat elections.

In the process, the MLA never considers that he might be investing in the wrong people and thoroughly believes in hearsay. Due to this, he is always branded as “bad” in the series. He teaches an important lesson: if you don’t make sound decisions, you risk losing both assets and respect.

Protect your loved one no matter what

In many instances, external forces try to attack the loyal “Panchayat” group, but unitedly they defeat them all. The way they extend protection even to the pigeon owner is something you must watch for yourself. Additionally, don’t miss out on the last episode – it deserves all the praise.

Over to you…

Panchayat series is more than just a comedy-drama; it reflects life and the lessons it offers. Through its characters and their experiences, the series imparts valuable insights into embracing new experiences, valuing community, finding contentment in simplicity, and so much more. As I watched the lanes of Phulera in the web series, I felt as if I was truly there in the village.

Besides, the stellar performances of all the actors add to the authenticity. It is a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of city life. These lessons from Panchayat series truly inspired me to live more fully and appreciate the richness of life’s diverse experiences.

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