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What to Watch on OTT This Weekend for Binge-Worthy Entertainment?

What to Watch on OTT This Weekend - A List You Can't Ignore!

Dear Diary,

The weekend is all about relaxation and leisure. One of the biggest reasons I adore weekends is the opportunity to indulge in movies to my heart’s content. For those who share my passion and ponder, “What to watch on OTT this weekend?” worry not—I will help you.

I hope the movies and web series I’m about to list excite you. Well, I am including both titles – I’ve already enjoyed them and am looking forward to some. Nevertheless, I so want to share it with the world.

What To Watch On OTT This Weekend?

Let’s get started…

1.      To Kill a Tiger

It takes courage as a rape victim to speak out in public, especially when you are a teenager. Yes, this Canadian Hindi-language documentary film revolves around a family living in Jharkhand and their pursuit for justice after their teenage daughter is brutally gang-raped.

The series follows the shots of the girl, the struggles of her family, and finally, their fight coming to an end. The most heartwarming scene is when the father announces that they WON. I am damn sure it will bring tears to your eyes. You need courage to come out in the open and fight against evil. This documentary captures that essence – no wonder it was nominated for Oscar.

Where to watch: Netflix

2.      3 Body Problem

Physics was never my favorite subject, but this series has captivated me. It revolves around Ye Wenjie, an astrophysicist whose expertise secures her a position at a secret military base. Unwittingly, she makes a decision that becomes a colossal threat to humanity.

The narrative unfolds around this critical decision and how the scientists strive to counteract its potentially disastrous effects. I’m halfway through the series and plan to finish it by the weekend. So far, it has been fascinating.

Where to watch: Netflix

3.      Queens

Wildlife documentaries are my absolute favorite to watch. I can binge-watch them endlessly and never tire of their captivating content. If you share this passion, then you must watch “Queens,” narrated by Angela Bassett. The series finale is particularly mesmerizing, spotlighting all the women behind the camera. It’s an inspiring tribute that’s sure to leave you feeling motivated.

Where to watch: Disney + Hotstar

4.      Damsel

The title may suggest that this damsel is in distress, but trust me, she doesn’t need rescuing. She is more than capable of fighting any battle. That’s the essence of the movie. I’ve seen Millie Bobby Brown’s performance in Enola Holmes and wasn’t overly impressed.

However, this film completely changed my perspective. Her action sequences are incredibly powerful, and her acting is simply outstanding. Although the movie has received mixed reviews, I personally adored it for its compelling story. So, I highly recommend giving it a watch.

Where to watch: Netflix

5.      Sunflower

India is home to many talented comedians, but Sunil Grover holds a special place among them for me. His comic timing and talent truly stand out. You can witness this brilliance in his web series “Sunflower.”

Thanks to my brother, I watched the first season and have been eagerly awaiting the second. Believe me, season 2 is just as intriguing as the first. Watch it for Sunil Grover – even if you’re not already a fan, it doesn’t really matter! You’re likely to appreciate his performance regardless.

Where to watch: Zee5

6.      The Kerala Story

I understand that recommending this film might stir controversy and be sensitive for some. However, I encourage watching it for the exceptional acting. For those who have endured similar hardships in real life, the depiction resonates deeply, as it’s far from a bed of roses. The portrayal is raw and highlights the painful realities, offering a profound perspective.

Where to watch: Zee5

7.      Big Girls Don’t Cry

I often miss my school days, though they weren’t as eventful as depicted in “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” I had hoped that 2024 would bring stories that truly represent the struggles of the younger generation, and this web series does exactly that.

It aesthetically portrays the myriad struggles of teenage girls, encompassing their sexuality, love lives, power struggles, academic challenges, and much more. Impressively, the series maintains its engagement and pace throughout, and the direction is beautifully executed.

Where to watch: Prime Video

8.      Love Storiyan

If you’re a romantic like me, this series is an absolute must-watch. Each story featured within it has the power to melt your heart.

Romance is not always easy; it often requires making difficult decisions for the sake of a beautiful future. Couples who navigate through challenges and come out stronger on the other side are the true heroes of these tales.

Where to watch: Prime Video

9.      Merry Christmas

I am a little biased towards Vijay Sethupathi, and so I am recommending this film. But jokes apart, it takes a lot of patience to understand the film directed by Sriram Raghavan.

Probably, that is the reason why this film did not perform well at the box office. However, I highly recommend watching this film. I am surprised by Katrina’s acting. She isn’t just dolled up; she actually acts! Till the end, the story will keep you hooked.

Where to watch: Netflix

Series That Are On My Watchlist

  • Testament the Story of Moses – Netflix
  • Bramayugam – Zee 5
  • Patna Shuklla – Disney + Hotstar
  • Lootere – Disney + Hotstar
  • Por – Netflix

There is more to this list, but for now, I am well-equipped with these options!

Series/Movies You Must Avoid

The following are the movies and series that I believe are the worst ones. Literally, I wasted my time on them, and they turned out to be dud like ever!

  • Ae Watan Mere Watan – Sara Ali Khan’s performance in this film is unfortunately not up to the mark. The acting, dialogue, and direction all contribute to a lackluster experience. It might be best to skip this one.
  • Indian Police Force – This action web series by Rohit Shetty features exaggerated action sequences that could have been exciting but are let down by lackluster acting, a dull plot, and a poorly executed story.
  • Fighter – Attempting to echo the cinematic achievement of Top Gun Maverick, this movie falls short of expectations. It lacks the intensity and dedication seen in the training and execution of flight sequences in Top Gun Maverick. Additionally, it misses the mark on delivering a vibe similar to Uri: The Surgical Strike.
  • Murder Mubarak – The film is watchable mainly because of Pankaj Tripathi’s performance, which is the sole highlight of an otherwise boring production. While other characters’ attempts might be passable to some, but I think that their performances don’t quite hit the mark.

Over to you…

Now that I’ve compiled my list, let me know which series or movies you plan to see. And if anyone is wondering what to watch on OTT this weekend, I hope my list proves to be incredibly helpful!

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