A Guide to Emotionally Touching Movies To Unlock Emotions

Emotionally Touching Movies To Watch For a Good Cry!

Dear Diary,

Today has been one of those days when I needed a refuge for my emotions. On such days, one thing that never fails to uplift my spirits and touch my heart profoundly – watching emotionally touching movies. Because, at times, I feel overwhelmed with life’s challenges and the daily grind, thus making me feel emotionally drained and seeking solace.

However, there’s something magical about movies. They help transport you to a world of positivity, inspiration, and deep emotions. At times, they touch our hearts in the most unexpected ways. So, I thought, why not compile a list of such movies? So, let’s dig in!

List of Emotionally Touching Movies That You Shouldn’t Miss

Here’s a list of my favorite emotionally touching movies; let’s see whether you like them!

1. Pursuit of Happyness

This movie is a heart-wrenching tale of a father and son. It is based on the true story of Christopher Paul Gardner, portrayed by Will Smith, and his son, – Christopher Gardner, Jr., is played by Smith’s real-life son, Jaden Smith. And I think it is the best decision ever.

I must admit the film struck a chord deep within my heart. This heart-wrenching yet inspiring tale of a struggling father’s unwavering determination to provide his son with a better life showcased the human spirit’s strength. It reminded me that hope and perseverance can lead to triumph, even in adversity.

2. Room

I watched this movie and realized how beautiful my life is because people go through limitless turmoil while we are protected in our cocoons. This movie is based on the novel of the same name and stars Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay.

It revolves around the captivity story of a mother-son duo, their escape plan, and life after that. Believe me, it is one of those emotionally touching movies that will want you to keep a box of tissues by your side throughout.

3. 12 Years A Slave

If you know the protest of Black Lives Matter, then you can relate to it. But you will be astonished to know it has happened since the 1800s. Things were ruthless then and even now. Well, the movie follows the true story of Solomon Northup, the son of a freed slave and a free woman of color.

He was a farmer and a professional violinist, and his job took him to places. But one day, he was kidnapped and sold as a slave. The story talks about his freedom struggle. Believe me, this is the saddest film I have ever seen, and after that, I fell in love with Chiwetel Ejiofor, who portrays Solomon.

4. The Terminal

When it is Tom Hanks, the movie has to be top-notch, isn’t it? Undoubtedly, he is my favorite actor, so this movie had to be on the list. So, this film follows the story of Viktor Navorski, portrayed by Hanks, from a fictional nation called Krakozhia.

Unfortunately, he gets stuck at the John F. Kennedy Airport terminal, and the story unravels. The movie has both funny and heart-touching moments. I am sure you will fall in love with his beautiful soul, “Viktor.”

5. Boys Don’t Cry

This film is not only disturbing, but it is a very heart-wrenching story. I just couldn’t stop crying seeing the story of Brandon Teena – a trans man who was brutally raped and murdered in 1993. This movie completely belongs to Hilary Swank, who also won an Oscar for this movie. Undoubtedly, she deserves all the accolades because her acting is stupendous.

6. Million Dollar Baby

The next in line is another hit number by Hillary Swank. But not just her; this movie is a power-packed combination of stars as it stars Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman. Imagine the awesomeness in one frame!

Well, this film follows the story of Margaret “Maggie” Fitzgerald (Swank), a waitress and amateur boxer. She wants to make it big in the boxing world and is helped by a trainer (Eastwood) to achieve her dream. What happens next is something you must watch for yourself! Indeed, one of the most emotionally touching movies.

7. Lion

Lion is a real-life story of a 5-year-old Indian boy named Saroo (played by Sunny Pawar as a child and Dev Patil as an adult) and his journey to find his roots and family. He accidentally separates from his mother and is later adopted by an Australian couple.

He gets flashes of childhood, and hence, with the help of Google Earth, he manages to find his biological mother. Believe me – the moment of the reunion will leave you spellbound. I had to ask my husband to pass the tissues constantly!

8. Titanic

Need a good cry, this film is for you. We know the legendary film and cannot miss the love story of Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet). The film Titanic was made in 1997 but continues to be evergreen. Whenever it is playing on television, believe me, I never miss it!

9. Eight Below

I have immense cynophobia (fear of dogs). I can’t stand them around me. So, if my friends are reading this list, they’ll be shocked to see this film on the list. But when it comes to movies, I am not scared, obviously, and Eight Below is one of my favorites.

This movie follows the story of eight sled dogs left behind after an expedition. Soon, harsh weather strikes the area, and the rescue mission is aborted. Everyone believes that the dogs are dead. But the story is something else, so you must watch this emotionally touching movie. You will not only love the dogs but also the movie.

10. The Vow

What do I say about this film? It’s just WOW! This movie is inspired by the real-life story of a couple named Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. Ten weeks after their wedding, the couple got involved in a grave car accident, after which Krickitt suffered brain injuries that led to memory loss.

After that, she had no memories of her husband and marriage. But what follows next and how they cross paths is something that you should witness yourself. The names in the movie are changed, but the actors Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum have done an astounding job.

11. Southpaw

This movie follows a story about a boxer transforming from riches to rags. Sounds cliché, right? But it isn’t about his fight alone because it has one more angle – his daughter played by Oona Laurence. After his wife is killed, alcohol, drugs, and depression consume him.

His daughter is put under the care of Child Protective Services because he is tagged “unfit.” And then the real story kickstarts. This is an emotionally touching movie because the father-daughter bonding is tearful and heart-wrenching.

To Wrap It Up!

So, this was my list of emotionally touching movies. My personal favorite. Let me know which movies you have seen, and please recommend your personal favorite. I will surely watch it!

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